Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 584 - Suppression and Sharing

There have been a few events within my life recently that I have been going into suppression about. I have been going into points of isolation and bottling the points up, and within the points of suppression I have been creating this heavy feeling within myself where it feels like a struggle to move the body and a struggle for myself to move throughout the day and get things done. These points of suppression usually plague me for a while, like I am the type of person to usually try and keep things bottled up for so long and try and maintain this idea of stability within myself, but in this making it much more difficult for myself in the long run to actually move myself due to the points of suppression.

With being in an agreement with another we talk every day and share points and when/as I am in a point of suppression it is very easy to notice, not just by my partner but by myself as well within the tone of voice and how I interact with her and interact with myself in the reality. Obviously this point of suppression is not best for me because of the heaviness and obviously the point of not looking at myself, so what I have been applying within myself and with my partner when/as these points of suppression come up is simply talking about them.

She will notice that things are off or I will notice as well and when we notice that things are `off` and say something, like is everything ok or something like that. Rather than saying "Yeah, fine" or something like that I bring myself here with myself and investigate what is actually going on within myself that is putting me `off` within my expression with reality and with her. More often than not there is like an "I don't know" coming up within me because of the point of suppression, you know, something that I do not want to look at, so I will throw out points that I've been facing within the week or day or things like that and talk about those points for a while and see what comes up. When I've said the point that I have been suppressing there is like thing `ding` that goes on within myself of like "AH, yes that is what I have not been looking at or facing within myself" and then the like wave of information comes up.

With talking about the point of suppression, it really helps with giving myself perspective on what it is that I have been suppressing, and talking about it with someone else is a bit easier to walk through the point as well, because with myself if there are judgments or anything going on like that within myself about the point of suppression than walking it through with just myself I have to first walk through the judgements and things like that before I can get to the point of relaxation within myself and start to begin releasing the point. So with talking about it with another person, if those judgements are there then they are usually projected as well and when talking and opening up the point with the other person then those judgements are faced head on and walked through quite quickly when/as the other person does not judge the way that we're judging ourselves, and thus that point is quantumly walked and then the real point can be faced. So this is what has been happening with my partner and I. When a point of suppression or like when something feels off that we're not directly seeing within a moment then we'll walk through a few points that have been coming up within our day, and when/as we speak the point that is causing the separation or causing the awkwardness or `offness` then there is like this spark within ourselves letting us know that that is the point that we must look at, and so we do.

Realising the point and talking about the point has been quite an effective way to release the point, like because it is suppression then I am not directly looking at the point but keeping it running around in the background of the mind; and so when it is brought to the forefront of the mind and I start speaking about it with her the point immediately releases from that point of dragging myself down to a point of release because of simply looking at it. Looking at it is not the absolute solution though; from what I've found it is simply the release of the point, the point still must be walked.

Within talking with my partner the point does become released. When it does release we can then look at solutions to the point, and they are usually obvious. With the release from the point of suppression I am back here with myself and able to give myself the problem solving processes that are me, and so with speaking about how and why the point of suppression came up usually exists the solutions - like looking at how it started or manifested helps with seeing how I accepted and allowed it to exist within myself and then walk a practicality point of seeing how to correct myself when/as it comes up.

So what the blog post is about is how to support ourselves with walking through suppression and realising that we needn't be perceivably alone within the point of suppression, and that simply sharing the point and talking about the point with another person, be it an agreement partner or a friend, can help and assist with the point of bringing the point of suppression from the back of the mind into the foreground and then within this face the point without any emotions or things coming up. Like with the points of suppression they needn`t be held within this idea of only being your problem or only yours to deal with although it somewhat is, it doesn't limit us from sharing and opening up the point with another person and basically asking for help. So if you often hold those points of suppression inside of yourself and seldom share them with others then, what I am saying here, is that it is quite nice asking for help and other perspectives on the point, it is nice to open up and share it with another person because it not only opens up yourself to another person but also opens up yourself to yourself at the same time.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 583 - Not Wanting to Be Here with Myself Con't

With the process of being here with myself, specifically during work, I have been applying a point of not allowing myself to become bored or go into these points of simply not wanting to work and rather be somewhere else. How I have been applying this point is by allowing myself to be here with my hands while I'm working, meaning giving myself that physical awareness that I was not giving myself previously as I was placing myself within projections and thinking about being elsewhere and/or doing something else that I would prefer to be doing. My application within it is far from perfect at the moment, I mean I did it well for one day and then the day after that I allowed myself to go back into the mind and I did lose that awareness because, well from what I can tell, I allowed myself to define the day as a `Friday` which means that I had and have a day off after I'm done the shift at work and would like to go into that experience of having the day off rather than being at work for the remainder of the shift duration.

So, what I want to further apply within this point of maintaining physical awareness and being here with myself is this point of letting go of this excitement for the day off because within that point of excitement resides the point of self interest, the points that I would prefer to be doing rather than working, so like bringing myself back to a point of grounding rather than allowing myself to go into the mind into that point of excitement - you know like understanding that the day off is simply going to be another day where I am here on this Earth walking this life lol, like truly there is no real reason to be excited other than to simply have time off of work but within this point of becoming excited to not have to work within a day comes this point of personal preference, when in reality the physical remains the same yet the perception of having the time off changes the experience of self within the physical.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project myself into an experience of myself within having time off work, allowing myself to go into this state of excitement at the idea of having time off work and time to `myself` where I can do the things that I want to do, and within this experience separate myself from myself within the physical reality and separate myself from the physical reality as a whole

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create this experience of myself while at work where I feel that it is a drag or that I am bored within work and within this allow this experience to direct me to go into projections and imaginations where I start to place myself outside of myself and into the mind, and within this not give myself direction within the physical reality but give my direction and my power up to the mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into a state of excitement at the prospect of having time off and doing what I want to do, allowing myself to imagine the things that I want to do or am going to do and within this point separate myself from the physical reality and my physical awareness and self direction via allowing myself to participate within that excitement and within those projections

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that the physical reality is basically the same each day - sure things to do change each day but the overall being here is the same, there are different things to do and different things to work on but nonetheless as I allow myself to be here within the physical body and within awareness the point of being here remains the same - the only point that things change is when/as I allow myself to go into energy and create an excitement or create a point of melancholy in relation to work

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to establish this point of physical awareness within my day, wherein I am here with myself feeling the body, feeling my hands, maintaining an awareness of breathing and giving myself direction and not allowing myself to become distracted but being directive of myself, meaning to bring myself here with myself, aware of the body and aware of what I am doing, moving myself within the physical reality and not allowing myself to get lost within the mind or lost within a form of entertainment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a relationship with myself and reality where I would prefer to escape reality than to be here with myself within reality and face myself and reality in an equal stance, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forego my responsibility in this reality to direct myself and be here within this reality as a being on this Earth,

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand that when/as I allow myself to go into the mind and attempt to escape reality when I am at work and bring up this point of entertainment within the mind and start thinking about being somewhere else or start entertaining myself within the mind to escape reality, that I am not being honest with myself in relation to what I am actually experiencing within myself in relation to work and thus, in a way, suppressing myself via going into that experience of entertainment within the mind

When/as I see myself starting to become bored or distraught with work and I am going into the mind with a specific type of energy, of like not wanting to work simply because it is work or simply because I do not want to be there at the moment, I commit myself to flag this despair at being at work and realise that what I am doing is separating myself from myself within the physical reality and separating myself from my beingness, and so I also commit myself to relax within myself and breathe and bring myself back to awareness of my hands within work and make that decision within myself to move myself within work rather than deliberately moving slower in relation to hoping to bypass time because I realise that as I go into this state within the mind it creates a heaviness within the body and makes moving and the bodily processes difficult and it only does make time seem longer, so within this I also commit myself to breathe and move my body at a comfortable pace within work and not deliberately slack off but to rather breathe and move myself within the pace of the breath and what the body is actually capable within that moment

When/as I see myself becoming lazy here at home and wanting to entertain myself with movies or series I take a step back from the movie or series and bring myself back here in breath and awareness of myself, realising that if I allow myself to go into that energy of wanting to escape reality and give up my movement that, for one, I am not going to be satisfied with myself going into that resistance to being here with myself, and that I am giving up my movement and my awareness of myself and suppressing that ability to move and direct myself here in the physical reality

Ok so in this process what I will be applying, specifically within work, is to make sure that I am here with my hands while at work, feeling the cases that I am working with and being aware of what and how the body is moving/going through and do this, starting on the drive to work - feeling the steering wheel as I move and direct the care and within this move and direct myself within the physical reality. So at work is where I am going to be applying this point the most because at work is where/how I see it originating from, like wanting to escape work and escape myself at work then leads to this pattern coming up while I am at home on the days off.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 582 - Not Wanting to be Here with Myself

I have been going into this pattern at work where I have not been wanting to accept the situation that I am in or the time that it takes to get through work. For the start of work I am fine with working and expressing myself within the job and then after a while, like when it hits the 8 hour mark I start to think about being elsewhere and thus not wanting to continue with working yet I still have to. When this point comes around I start to become antsy and discontent with myself within work…it doesn't always need to be work, it can be anything really for an extended amount of time, so when this discontent and restlessness starts to come into myself I then go into my mind to create a point of entertainment for myself so that I can bypass the time in a way in which makes me feel pleasant with the situation that I am in. From this point though I obviously separate myself from myself here within the task and give away my awareness and give away my physical presence because I do not want to be physically present.

I see points of allowing myself to get lost within the mind, and allowing myself to become bored and allowing myself to become directed by the mind to exist within this construct of myself. I mean the point here is quite simple, it is simply a point of breathing and bringing myself back here and accepting the situation for what it is and breathing and stabilising myself within the mind and giving myself back my awareness.

So the point that will assist me the most is not allowing myself to go into that state of not wanting to be here within time; not allowing myself to go into the mind and think about being somewhere else and accept the situation for what it is, be here within the body, forgive any emotions or reactions coming up to being within the place and then bring myself back to breathing. Like for instance I was in the hospital yesterday waiting to get checked up and overall it took me about 8 hours to get through the whole process and during the 8 hours is a lot of waiting time. I was becoming quite discontent with waiting, I started to feel quite bored and was thinking about going back home and eating something and so each time I was thinking about being elsewhere and I would bring myself back here there was frustration coming up with having to wait longer. I was finding it a bit difficult to bring myself back here with myself because there was nothing to `occupy` myself, nothing to do, nothing to focus on other than time and waiting. Although, within this I see that as I bring myself back here all I needed to do was breathe and be aware, like I was looking for something to distract me from myself within the point of waiting, so within this I simply did not want to be here with myself within a point of contentment at just being with myself and with the surroundings.

The solution here is to allow myself to bring myself back to that point of just being, like not needing any distractions or anything to keep my attention but to simply be and breathe and allow myself to be content here within the body and with myself. I mean this is a point that I have been looking changing for a while, this point of looking for a point of entertainment or amusement while I do something else, like something to keep my attention off of myself rather than to simply be here with myself breathing. I see that correcting the relationships with myself in regards to not feeling comfortable within the body and wanting to move quickly through situations or just get things done so I can go and do what I would rather be doing to be assisting as I walk this point of not wanting to be here with myself when I am doing something that I do not want to do. But also to simply just accept the things that I do not want to do…I mean here within this point of `not wanting to` do something there is a point of personality and preference and also a point of self-interest. I am creating my own point of discontent via allowing self-interest to direct me within these situations, when, in reality, staying within the hospital and continuing to work should be a point of self-interest because those points support myself within life.

Within this series I will be again walking this point of self interest and correcting my relationship to self interest and apply self forgiveness on the points of not wanting to be within particular situations or environments, and stabilise myself within this point of not wanting to do things or be in certain environments and apply this within work wherein I become stable within work and simply be here within work without wanting to be elsewhere.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 581 - Learning to Problem Solve within Groups

Within my previous blog I was looking at who I am within groups and the point of survival interlaced within our actions to the extent that we cannot truly express ourselves, or rather hold our true expression back from other people because of that dynamic of fear that persuades us to behave and act a certain way; a way that we see fit to please other people within the group that we live within and to not cause conflict - this usually rising to an extent that we've suppressed ourselves so much that we build up this emotional point within ourselves and `break down` or lash out on people rather than simply expressing the point within the first place, and this is something that I have done within my life for the most part, save for the lashing out part. Instead of allowing myself to lash out within the suppression I have commonly just ended the relationship previously, so that I would not need to deal with the suppression or deal with the person or myself within the suppression, you know, because I would not allow myself to express myself within the points that were bothering me. This is what I started to do here in this household with my roommates, and I do see how it does lead to this point of lashing out and like creating a rift within relationships - it is simply the point of not expressing it and then having all that suppressed expression come forth within one moment and thus creating conflict rather than addressing the point immediately and without reaction.

So within the past few weeks of noticing this point and working on this point I have started to become more vocal with addressing the issues that were bugging me, primarily the condition of the cleanliness of the kitchen. Previously I would just allow them to do their thing, create messes and clean up when it suits then, but all the while I would suppress that point of wanting the kitchen to be clean and wanting a nice place to cook and to not have to deal with other people's dishes in my way when I would want to cook, and within this point of suppression I would allow myself to then create judgments and create this internal friction within myself and the other person because I wanted those things to be noticed and addressed without me saying anything, which doesn't work at all, because they are simply going to continue with their habits, because they are none the wiser to the internal friction that I am creating within myself. This suppression is due to the fear of survival - so like when I would have this point come up within myself, when I would like the kitchen to be clean I would go into this fear of conflict within myself, fear of saying something in the `wrong` way because I was reacting within myself in those moments and basically not trust myself to direct the point without the reaction, and then the point of suppression comes up soon thereafter.

What I have been working on in the past week is allowing myself to express this point without the fear, without the fear of making someone angry or the fear of feelings becoming hurt or ego becoming hurt because, I mean that is simply the projection of myself into another person, and so like when there has been dishes left out for a few days or something like that that still have yet to be clean or dishes strewn around the kitchen…I am bad for this as well with a lot of coffee cups being left around, I have allowed myself to address it immediately without the point of fear of conflict coming up, meaning that when there is that dish there and the dude who is responsible is within immediate proximity I simply shout out to him to if he is right there in front of me to simply say it to him immediately, like these pots have been here for 3 days now, just get to them already, and for the most part it has been working, and also what I have noticed is that the `break` in the relationship is less as well, meaning that since I do not hold it within myself against the person and let it out immediately then there are no reactions held against that person. Like there was a pumpkin that was left out for like a month and a half and it was becoming quite rotten and the other roommate and I were talking about the pumpkin with the dude responsible for it and he said that her was going to take care of it soon, but it didn’t happen - so when we was outside right by the pumpkin I simply pointed at it and it was dealt with after that, so there were like 2 ways that I could have approached that and the one would be suppressing that point and allowing irritation to build up and/or anger build up within myself as I expect him to deal with it himself without being asked to, or to simply direct it within the moment that I did.

I do see that there are a few more points for me to work on within this point because I do see that there is a subtle point of irritation coming up within myself when looking at these points, and I see that it is in relation to the point of expectation that they will handle it themselves and expecting them to do so, which isn't always going to happen - some people need to be directed within a particular point and/or reminded of a particular point, just like everyone within process - if other people weren't there giving us perspectives and help on particular points then we may not see some things or give ourselves that push to change the point, so I will look at this point in the coming weeks, changing this point of reaction of expectation into a point of support for another person in a point of showing a person the point….and within this making sure that I am absolutely clear within the point of direction.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 580 - Survival Within Groups

I have been watching this show called naked and afraid which is about these 12 individuals who attempt to survive within the jungles of Colombia for 40 days without clothing. Since this is a reality show they always have this moment where they speak directly into the camera sharing themselves within what they are experiencing within a specific moment and I have been noticing a peculiar point coming up within me. As they are talking into the camera within the `share yourself` scene they share themselves within a specific way, in an honest way, like you can see their expression quite easily when they are in front of that camera, and then when the scene changes to them within a group their entire expression changes as well, like they are not as direct with themselves as they are when in front of the `share yourself` scene, and they present these types of characters and personalities in which they embody as a point of relation to their partners or team members for the survival.

So I have been noticing this point coming up within me of asking and questioning why they need to hide themselves so much around the other people and why can't they be as direct and honest with the other people as they are within themselves.

This point is not about the other people but about myself as I am basically questioning myself within the same dynamics. Like I often find myself embodying personalities and personas in order to, lol, survive within the social system, you know like not allowing myself to be as direct with them as I am with myself and not allowing myself to express myself within this state of comfort and `naturalness` as I do with myself. So what I have been looking at within myself is this point of fear and survival in relation to the social system, which is quite a cool point because within the show the most difficult point that opened up within the survival system were the dynamics between the people and between the groups wherein they could not express themselves within a point of comfort and honesty with themselves or with other people to come to a conclusion of living within a point that is best for all - there were always like these fears of hurting other people's feeling and holding themselves back out of fear of creating conflict of things like that, and for the most part, I have found the exact same structure within myself; meaning not allowing myself to express myself within this point of comfort within the reality around me because of this point of fear of the social structure and the fear of hurting other people's feeling or a fear of creating conflict and thus I suppress and hold myself back when communicating with the people around me.

This point of fearing conflict has existed within me for quite some time and it has been a point that I have been suppressing myself within and not allowing myself to express myself within a point of comfort, and for the most part I have gone into such a point of suppression that I then cut myself off from the relationships because I `felt` as if I could not be myself within the dynamics of the group and have thus then been a person who has preferred time with myself and have been anti-social because, primarily, I have not been true to myself around others. The fear of conflict and the fear of expressing what is going on within myself has been a point that I have allowed within myself to hold myself back within expression, and thus have not allowed myself to be honest with myself while around other people = dawning these masks of personalities in order to fit in to survive rather than to express myself in honesty with myself.

Within the next blog I am going to look further into this point, you know, like start giving myself more awareness of when I am in those moments of suppression when in groups and when I am hiding myself or fearing things coming up, so that I can gather more material to this point and then apply Self forgiveness accordingly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 579 - Self Forgiveness on Stress, Work and `Me Time`

Within the last post I was writing about work and wanting my time and within this point of self interest creating the point of stress as I stress to get home so that I can have this `me` time, so within this post I will be writing self forgiveness on those points

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think ahead of myself while driving home from work in relation to what it is that I also need to get done when I get home, and within this also set a point of time according to what I need to get done when I get home and within this whole process within the mind, separate myself from being here with the body and with myself, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from awareness of myself and my surroundings as I think about what I have to do when I get home and create a point of projection in which I then lose awareness of myself within the physical

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into this state of wanting myself to already be perfect at the job that I am learning because I have previous experience, but within this not taking note of the differences between the warehouses that I need to still learn, and thus creating a point of expectation into myself in which I am going to lose awareness of myself while I am working as I am creating this expectation and trying to force my body into that expectation rather than listening to the body and moving within what I am capable within at the moment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want this point of `me` time in which I then stress about needing to `give` up more time in order to get done the things that I need to get done, like cooking or grocery shopping, and within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to breathe and simply bring myself back here and focus on what needs to be done, giving up my time or giving up the idea of wanting my time in order to do what needs to be done, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to hold onto the idea of my time and in this create more stress and frustration for myself as I walk throughout life

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to breathe and remain within breath while driving, considering the other drivers, the weather, the amount of people etc, in relation to reality and not simply what I would like for myself in relation to the outcome of the traffic etc, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create these expectations of what I am going to go through, and when things do not work according to plan to then go into that state of stress rather than being flexible within the situations of this world like traffic and work

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to even create this point of `need` to do things, and in this point of `need` create this point of stress within the word need, and in this not listen to the body and what it is capable of within each moment to moment and in this pay attention to the body, rather than the mind within the thoughts of what I `need` to do

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realise that the time that I want for `me` isn't even for me because all I do with that time is entertain the mind and what I really need is that me time, that awareness of myself with breathing and the physical body and some time for me to reflect with myself and to simply be here with myself and not lost in the mind with entertainment or other things such as that, so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fall into and accept the illusion of `my time` when there is no such thing existent, and thus within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not give up the illusion of `my time` and in this simply breathe and give up my time and myself for whatever needs to be done within a moment and also give myself back to myself within this point of `time`, allowing myself to bring myself back to awareness within the time that I have to spare and give that point of relaxation and restfulness to myself simply through being here with myself

I commit myself to let go of this idea of `my time` and allow myself to be here with myself in the physical as I am going about my day, giving myself attention and care to the physical body and applying myself to better listen to the body and it's needs and not stress or push myself too hard or too much when the body needs rest or when I simply need some down time with myself

I commit myself to letting go of the stress included within the idea of `my time` and allowing myself to become more flexible within the variations of this world and society and within this allow myself to breathe when the variations come up so that I can adjust myself with them

I commit myself to letting go of wanting to be perfect within the job that I have gotten and within this pay more attention to the body, how I am lifting things, how fast I can move within the new muscle movements that I need to do and walk with the body as we both process the information within the new job.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 578 - Stress, Negative Mind Set and Self Interest

I am going to continue with this point of stress and laziness and resistance that I have been writing about because it is a predominant point within my life at the moment and one that needs directing as I write it out within the blogs.

So now that I have started a new job there are stresses that are coming up in relation to time and in relation to how much stuff that I need to get done within a day and all the points that need addressing within my life, such as eating and cooking and making lunches and the drive so getting fuel as well, so what I have been facing within my days have become a stress because, from what I've been looking at, I am more so within the mind and thinking about and making plans for the next thing that I am going to do rather than being here within the moment. For one example there was a lot of traffic one day and I had planned to go to the grocery store on the way home before I had something set for the time after that. Calculating the drive home and the time that I left I saw that I had that amount of time to get those points done, but then I hit traffic and traffic was a crawl for the better part of the way home. So while I was stuck in traffic there were thoughts running around regarding when will the traffic end and get back to a flow that accords with the time that I have set up for myself, and thinking about what I need to do when I get home and then stressing about now having enough time now that traffic has caused a loss of time, and basically all these thoughts running around were creating that stress within me.

I saw a few moments within the traffic where I could place myself within my body, be here and traffic and accept the traffic for what it was, and thus not allow myself to go into the future planning and projection and create stresses about the time that I had to do things or the time that I was losing, so I do see that as the solution here. Not allowing myself to go into the mind and plan about what it is that I am going to do within the future and within time, but to allow myself to be here with myself without any plans or projections of the future, be it far in the future or in the immediate future.

I allowed myself to participate in the want of traffic to become less so much that when I got home I was still within the state of stress and basically had to wait for myself to lay down on the bed and relax within myself, which isn't the best wau to handle the point of stress because it does have effects on the body and on the mind wherein I am frustrated within myself and annoyed within myself, and it would have been better for me to let go of the want for time to flow `my way` and then breathe and allow myself to be here with the ebb and flow of traffic the way it was and not within the mind within the way I wanted it to be.

The point of stress within the job is also a point for me to face. Even though the job is a job that I have done before, there are different machines and a different system and a different layout of the warehouse that I need to get used to, and as I started off on my first order I Was finding that I was struggling to get used to these things, like I wasn't as I expected myself to be which was already competent with the job and I was already rushing myself within the job even though I have a lot of time to get used to the job and perfect the differences that exist within the warehouse. Again I saw that there was this moment within the job that I saw that Iw as rushing, I saw that I was trying to make myself effective even before I actually knew what it was that I was doing, and thus that created the stress as well. There were also points of creating this negative mind set within myself because of the amount of time that I need to work and the little break time that we get, so within that I have been stressing about food intake and management of diabetes, so like this point of stress has been coming up more and more and simply the solution to this point is breath. Breathing allows me to bring myself back here and focus on what is here right in front of me and gives me more time to process the information that I need to get used to within the job, and within the point of traffic the point of breath allowed me to process the information that was here and keep me away from more thinking and overloading myself with more information that was necessary.

Within the next blog I am going to write SF on the points that I hadn't applied within the point of traffic and within the point of working, and overall on the point of breathing and applying myself within breathing - listening to the body and directing myself from the body when such instances come about, because I mean within the points I was trying to direct myself from the mind within thinking about what I needed to do next or within a previous idea of myself within the work within the warehouse, but as I apply myself within breath, I remove those points of future projections and the ideas of myself within the warehouse and I can simply be here breathing with the body and direct myself from the body.