Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 212 - ReAlignment to Responsibility, Direction and Breath Part 7

I commit myself to when/as I am focusing more on energy within the distractions that I allow within myself to first and foremost be aware of myself in those moments - to give myself the attention and focus that will allow me to give respect to myself by/as being here with myself in breath in attention and focus on myself

I commit myself to giving myself patience within walking this system and myself within this system - giving myself patience to develop stability within myself to remain focused on what and how I need to walk within this system, giving myself patience in this to remain here with myself and to stop allowing myself to want and focus my attention within thoughts and energy - in this I commit myself to when/as I find that I am lacking patience when I am working or when I am in school or when I am waiting for anything to silence myself within the mind and to participate unconditionally in the physical processes that need to be done by me within whatever task I am doing - working unconditionally throughout time - working on the material in school unconditionally throughout the time I am in school - in this bringing myself back here within patience within what I need to walk

I commit myself to bringing myself out of the focus on energy by dedicating myself to breathing each day - dedicating a time and place where I am able to stop everything within myself for a moment and breathe with myself here within the in and out breath - in this when/as I find myself being highly motivated by/as energy instead of living myself within responsibility to tear myself from the experience of energy and to bring myself back here and breathe and in that one breath that I take when/as I tear myself from the experience within energy to direct and move myself within that one breath in immediacy and to not look back and continue breathing and directing myself within that which needs to be done by me or direct myself within that which I am able or need to take responsibility for

I commit myself to focusing on what I must complete within a day and to get that done first, meaning work on this blog until it is done, work on homework until it is done, and continue to direct myself in such manner until all is complete that I need to do - so in this I commit myself to when/as I get home from school to use that time to work on the homework or go over the material that I have learnt from that day - and when/as I wake up from sleep to direct myself in breath to work on this blog and get it done - and when/as I am working on these things to remain here in breath and to not allow myself to distract myself with the want of laughter or happiness or an experience of some sort that is within the definition and experience of positivity but to remain stable within myself and remain focused on completing all that I have to do within the day/time that I have before I allow myself to focus myself elsewhere - in this I commit myself to making sure that I am absolutely satisfied with how I am walking this system in self honesty wherein I am not compromising myself within time for the experience of energy

I commit myself to when/as I find that I am participating more and more in thoughts while I am working to start to work harder to get myself out of that slump of thoughts and lack of participating here in the physical - push myself to work harder because I see that when/as I start to have a lot of thoughts on my mind I will work slower and become sluggish so in this I commit myself to working harder when I feel sluggish due to my participation in the mind within the amount of thoughts I have

I commit myself to remaining aware of myself in my actions when I start to separate myself from here within the physical and start to participate within energy and in this awareness to stop myself from focusing on the energy and bring myself back here in breath and direct myself immediately within what is here and start to focus back on myself here within breath and remain here in breath in/as the living directive principle of myself within walking myself within what is best for all life here - walking myself within a point in this system within a point of constant and consistent application of living what is best for all life unconditionally

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I commit myself to being patient with myself as I walk this development within myself to live absolute responsibility wherein I am satisfied in self honesty with my application of myself within this world and within this system to create and flourish an opportunity for myself to live life itself and to give life to others equally - so when/as I find that I am judging myself or am completely hard on myself to slacking off for a bit to breathe and to calm myself down within the reaction in this moment live patience with myself in/as breath to realize that it will take time to effectively create myself in absolute responsibility because it is something that I've not developed within myself throughout my life and in this I commit myself to when/as I am being hard on myself to take a step back from everything and realize that I am still here and that I have made the decision to work with myself in/as change and that this change is definitely going to take time and that being hard on myself for not changing immediately is absolutely useless

I commit myself to being patient with myself within energy wherein I give myself patience and time when/as I am wanting to move within energy - giving myself patience in that moment to allow that moment of want and desire within energy to fade and pass away allowing myself to remain here in breath - in this committing myself to stop jumping immediately onto energy just because the notion and thought arose within me

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