Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 213 - Re-Alignment to Responsibility, Direction and Breath Part 8

I commit myself to learning how to walk throughout my day in giving myself the direction and breathing necessary to keep myself focused on committing myself to walking myself within all that I have decided to live responsibility for - meaning learning how to keep focused on assignments, learning how to stay directive within writing this blog and staying focused on myself here, learning how to keep focused in school, and learning how to stay motivated under my own self will during work to continue to work and not slack off - and the point of learning and developing the skill of not slacking off goes for all points in my reality at this moment

I commit myself to really giving myself the time to breath and really putting in an effort throughout my day to stop existing within the pre-programmed personality that I have become and lived for quite some time - committing myself to remaining here in breath as best I can at this stage as I walk process, and when/as I become distracted by thoughts, ideas, beliefs, or anything else to see that which I am distracted by and the system within it and to stop myself from participating within/as the system, forgive myself as the system and bring myself back here in breath - directing myself again to remain back here in breath - within the inhale and exhale and within patience as I remove myself from the system and back here to breath

I commit myself when/as I become directed within a system in which I have a difficult time stopping myself within such as sex and relationships to take the time that I need away from any stimulus within that system and sit down with myself applying self forgiveness out loud or write myself out to assist and support myself in stopping myself in that system in this giving myself the responsibility to effectively direct myself in this world system not allowing the thoughts and desire for sex and a relationship to be my main focused - in this staying focused on walking the education system right now and doing the best to support myself in remaining here in breath and remaining directive and focused on what I am doing in this world - in this I commit myself to effectively re-aligning myself to refocusing on what I am doing in this world as I realize that I've allowed myself to simply become unfocused on what I am doing in this world from/as allowing what I want to direct me instead of allowing myself to do what I am doing in this world unconditionally and without want

I commit myself to stop directing myself from wants and likes and to direct myself from what is practically necessary for me to do in this world - and in this I commit myself to stop directing myself from feelings and emotions within the points of what I want and like - stopping directing myself from the emotional sabotage that I put myself through when/as I want or like something to have at a given specific moment/scenario in/as my life and reality

I commit myself to when/as I am wanting something and that this want I see is distracting me from directing myself to give myself the effective time and self support within investigating myself to remove myself from that want - to remove the want from me - to separate myself from believing that I am that want and in this bring myself back here so that I am able to direct myself once again in breath and in clarity in seeing and living with all the relationships here that assist and support me to live and in clarifying my sight to again re-direct myself to live what is best for all in every moment and to investigate and understand what it in fact means to live what is best for all - being patient with myself as I make mistakes and learn from them - committing myself to not make the same mistake twice.

I commit myself to living patience with myself as I take the time to stop myself within energy and focus myself on studies, focus myself on educating myself, focus on life within this system - focus on how I am living within this system - what I am accepting and allowing within myself through/as the systems here - and in this commitment focus on myself and walking myself regardless of energy regardless of want regardless of desire regardless of thought and in this commit myself to stop sabotaging myself with the desire for energy stop sabotaging myself with the emotions and feelings that I allow myself to play around with and develop the point within me where I am absolutely stable with myself in/as how I walk within this world and develop the point within me where I am able to live with myself infinitely within/as the choices and decisions that I make.

I commit myself to when/as I find that I am dissatisfied with myself in focus and responsibility and direction to take a step back from myself and see where and how I am dissatisfied with myself in how I am walking myself in this world, and in seeing this dissatisfaction work with myself in it to live what is best for all in those decision in those choices in which I've become dissatisfied with, so that I give what is best for me and to life itself equally as I decide to live within satisfaction with myself in/as how I am living and deciding to live myself in this life.

I commit myself to understanding myself in the lack of focus that I've had and the distractions within energy that I allow to not judge myself but to understand myself effectively to be able to stop and clam myself down within the spells that I cast on myself with the abundance of thoughts that I allow on a specific system or in a specific focus and bring myself back here in breath to focus on that which I must do to focus on re-aligning myself in breath to focusing on the work that I must put in to get out that which I would like from myself within the context of what is best for all

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