Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 234 - Start `em Young

In this article it states that sugar listed in baby formula is not needed to be labelled on the nutritional charts but must be labelled within the ingredient list - thus it does not need to say how many grams of sugar are in the formula - just that it is within the formula. The main sugars that are within baby formula are lactose which is a natural ingredient in breast milk, but when doing research I found that in a single serving of baby formula is about 14g of lactose (which is stated in the article) when in a 100ml sample of breast milk only 7g are found ( - which means that within baby forumla there are + or - twice as much sugar than a baby would be getting through breast feeding.

Many of the parent companies of the companies that produce baby formula have their hands in the sugar industry as well - take similac for example - with their parent company being Abbot Industries which also makes Glucerna which is a series of Low GI bars and shakes to assist people with diabetes and their blood glucose management ( So when things like this exist it is rarely a coincidence that such baby formulas will have sugar content within them - which will lead the baby into having only a taste for sugar.

When I was growing up I had a large sweet tooth and quite disliked vegetables because of their taste. Only in the past few years through hindering my consumption of sugar have vegetables started to taste relatively good to me - and so to consider that these infants are being fed abnormal amounts of sugar if they are fed formula - which in today's society is not that uncommon - they are going to have their taste buds developed towards with an affinity towards sweet tasting products which will lead to a lifetime of sugar addiction - that which many of us experience today - leading to many diseases such as diabetes that these parent companies have their hands in as well - not to mention that some of these parent companies, such as Abbott industries manufacture catheters as well - so looking at how the money system works - in order to sell catheters they need people in the hospitals in order to need the catheters and through placing abnormal amounts of sugar in these formulas they in turn create that relationship with the child, from birth, with sugary products which has clearly been linked to type 2 diabetes in which they can then sell the Glucerna to these people when they grow older - talk about a fucked up system.

In the article above, a grandmother noticed that her granddaughter gained 4 pounds in a month after the babies mother had to switch her from breast milk to baby formula. This can be easily related to the child obesity epidemic that is spanning the US at the moment - in Europe the fears of childhood obesity rates sparked a ban on sucrose being added into baby formula of which similac, in the United States and Canada, still adds to, from the article, at least 2 brands of their baby formulas - not to mention that one of those baby formulas is labelled `organic`.

The information regarding sugars addictiveness and drug like qualities are rampant amongst the information that is available regarding sugar now - and yet companies like this still will put abnormal amounts of sugar in their foods being sold and marketed to mother of new born's thus they are not ignorant - nor are we - in regards to what we are giving to our children, and thus it is clear that they `know` what they are doing by having their hands in the diabetes industry and the medical industry as well - creating the problem and the solution at the same time - making money off of both the problem and solution for their own profit and greed.

This is what we've accepted and allowed from ourselves within participating in the capitalistic money system that exists = we are all equally responsible each day through our deed of participating in this money system and continuing to accept this money system in the methodologies that exists within it. It is not possible at this point in time to immediately remove the money system out from under us, but it is possible to re-structure it to support life in living such as with the Equal Money System wherein profit becomes irrelevant and life becomes the real value.

I suggest to each reading this to investigate the Equal Money System and the principles that it stands under and how to create this system by each of us taking responsibility for what we've accepted here. It is possible to change this abusive behaviour by us all taking responsibility for ourselves being abusive.

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  1. That is the formula that I have been using, however Victor loves his veggies, at least for right now.... :)