Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 252 - Consideration Over The Holidays

The past 3 days I've been in bed sick, no activity, no movement of the body in anything strenuous. I've been living a lifestyle that I would see similar to a person who works at a desk all day, where they wake up, drive to work, sit down at a desk for 8 hours with minimal walking, drive home, play with kids, make dinner, got to bed, etc. In their day, they would not have any type of strenuous activity either.

So as I've been sick and sleeping and laying in bed for 3 days, I've quickly come to realize that I cannot eat anything with complex carbohydrates due to the lack of physical exercise that the body is going through without needing an excessive amount of insulin in comparison to what I normally need. Even bringing the sugar level back down to normal has required quite a bit more insulin to correct the sugars to the regular levels.

This need of insulin and requirements shows me what the pancreas would produce when one is physically active and what the pancreas needs to produce when one is not physically active. And this is quite concerning because a lot of lives that are being lived now within the system that we have developed around technology have become extravagantly sedentary, and quite luxurious when it comes to food.

The body can, over time, become resistant to insulin if it is repeatedly subjected to high amounts of the hormone due to the consumption of high amounts of carbohydrates in our diets and lack of physical activity, and this insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes. And from seeing how much insulin I need to inject over the past 3 days while I was lying in bed without exercise or physical activity, its concerning to see how much the pancreas is being worked in the bodies of many humans due to our diets and lack of consideration of what we're eating and the processes that the body is going through in order to keep up with our desires within food, nor the pressures we are putting on our bodies within our consumption of specific foods

Looking at the food that we eat over the holidays, not only this one, but thanksgiving as well, Halloween, Easter, our Birthdays etc, we eat foods that are very high in carbohydrates and sugars in which the pancreas needs to put in effort to produce the insulin needed to maintain the balance of sugar in the blood stream, and as we go through the holidays, such as Christmas, where many of us have a week off where we will not do much, other than eat foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, we are going to be putting the pancreas and the entire body under a lot of pressure to keep up the pace needed to digest and metabolize the foods that we are eating, and we are doing this unfairly to the bodies because we are doing this out of desire and out of complete ignorance of what the body needs to do in order to process the foods that we are eating, and that is not cool - because we are not considering the one thing that provides us life - the body/physical.

If the foods consumed and patterns in consumption do not change, this world is going to face an epidemic of diabetes, more so than it is now. Consider what you will be eating at the Christmas dinners you will be having, and more so, consider those in this world that don’t have the opportunity to have a Christmas dinner and why that is, and consider what you are putting into your body and what the processes needed to break down that food, and turn that food into nutrients are, and how much effort the body needs to put in, in order to break down all the foods that are being consumed in each meal. Consider that the body has never been considered before in food consumption, consider that only desire and want and self interest has been explored within food consumption - and that is why the majority of foods that we see today have sugar or a form of sugar within them. Consider that without any exercise, the body within that 4 hour period of consuming that food needs to produce a hell of a lot of insulin to counter balance the amount of food consumed, and that exercising after the holidays is not going to correct the fact that the pancreas needed to produce that amount of insulin in that moment of consumption. Consider that if this process is repeated ad nauseum throughout a lifetime, the insulin receptors are going to become numb to insulin because it is like a constant flow that seemingly becomes `normal` and thus the receptors in/as how they function in/as reacting/responding to insulin are going to become numb to insulin because the insulin and the amount of insulin are always on the receptors. Consider that each one of us has a responsibility to ourselves to simply say no to the food, and consider the body.

So In the next meals that I am going to have with family over the holidays, I am not going to eat much, because I cannot afford it healthwise, it is not worth it to me to eat the amount of food I normally would if I had no consideration for myself in the body in this state of inactivity and low insulin sensitivity, I would have too hard of a time attempting to find out how much insulin I am going to need to inject for the amount of food that I will be eating, and it will be just senseless pressure of put on the body as I try and figure out how much insulin to inject for the amount of food that I eat, so I will be sticking to veggies if possible and staying away from all complex carbohydrates and sweets, and I am not even sure about meats, because some meats, like ham, can have quite a bit of sugar to deal with, and again a small amount of sugar makes my levels erratic and very difficult to maintain at the level necessary for the health of the body.

If diabetes needs to become more of an epidemic before the physical is considered in the manufacturing and processing of foods and consumption of foods then so be it, but we will only be the ones to blame for our own lack of consideration of the physical and lack of awareness of what we are/were doing to the physical. I suggest prevention is the best cure, and prevention here is to start considering the processes that the body performs/does on a daily basis which allows us to continue to survive, and to think, it does this regardless of us considering it…if we aren't going to consider life, why should we be living in the first place? - here we have a chance to change ourselves, I suggest if you're reading this, to not put this on the back of your mind, but to think about as you eat your next meal, think about all that the body does for you to keep you alive and functional, as well as itself in equality.

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