Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 265 - Diabetes and Laziness

Laziness can severely affect the blood sugar levels due to the processes that the body goes into when one is lazy. From my experience, even if I am working and being physically active from the sense that I am moving and still lifting products at the job that I work at, if I am lazy, the body goes into an almost hibernation state and will slow down a lot of its processes that will help lower/use glucose within the blood stream.

When lazy I start to yawn, move much slower in which I do not use a lot of energy/sugar/glucose within the blood stream to keep the body in a state of physical exertion, and I become quite apathetic towards anything in which I am doing and essentially want to lay down and go to sleep - so being lazy and the processes of the body that laziness creates is similar to that of sleep wherein when sleeping the body is not using a lot of glucose within the blood stream to keep itself functioning

If I go into a state of laziness and allow all that I've associated to laziness, such as a larger appetite, lack of motivation to move, and an overall lethargic mind set towards anything that I am doing such as working or remaining an active participant in the physical reality and as I allow this, without an awareness or care for myself, through the relationships that I've associated to laziness, I allow myself to live in a way that is not beneficial for an effective regulation of blood glucose levels.

I experience this state of laziness quite often at work, when I've gotten done all my work and there is still time left in the shift in which it is expected for me to continue to work. If I allow myself to go into this state of mind and accept the thoughts regarding being done and not `needing` to do anymore work and accordingly become lazy, anything that I've ate on the previous break will need more insulin to correct the glucose levels within the blood stream, and since being in a state of laziness, if I remain ignorant or unaware of myself in that state and all the relationships towards reality in that state of mind and fail to, in the moment of eating or injecting insulin, not consider what I will be doing and how I will be doing it, meaning if I will be lazily working for the rest of the time, more often than not I've seen the blood sugar rise dramatically, even with the previous 5 hours of physical labour that I've done at work. What is important here is for me to be aware of what I will decide who I am within work when all my work is done, and if I decide to be lazy and not work as hard as I have in the previous hours of the shift, to be aware of myself in that decision and to inject insulin and/or eat foods according to that decision to give myself the best overall management of blood glucose levels to keep the blood glucose levels regulated. There is also the decision that I am able to make, if I have ate too much and/or not injected enough insulin on break to work harder during the last few hours of work to keep the body in a state of using sugar within the blood stream for fuel for the cells, which will cause the sugar that I've consumed through the foods that I've ate on break to be used for fuel and not stored as fat in the body or to remain `stagnant` within the blood stream causing hyperglycemia.

The 'worst' state of laziness that I've been participating in is when , on the weekends, I am not working and spend most of my time indoors sitting down, and if I allow myself to go into a state of laziness I become bored, have a heightened appetite, and with the connection to lethargy and apathy within being lazy, the care for myself is highly lacking. If I go into laziness and do not give myself a second to breathe and separate myself from the experience of laziness, apathy, and lethargy that is a time where I will compromise myself in management and care of myself in blood sugar control, and if I am not aware of myself in this state/time I will give into the want to eat high in carbohydrate foods and will not appropriately check the amount of carbs that I am eating and give an overall injection for his much I think I will be eating in which I do not consider all the other factors that influence insulin sensitivity or resistance, in which laziness is a large factor is insulin resistance due to how the body reacts to the state of the mind in laziness, and thus consequently become, sometimes severely, hypoglycemic. Without awareness of myself in this state I do not make the decisions to support myself as life, but when giving myself awareness in this state I can make the decisions to not eat high in carbohydrate foods, limit the amount of food that I eat, correctly count carbs and inject a corresponding amount of insulin.

As I stated in my previous post, self awareness within who you are within your emotions and state of living and by giving yourself awareness of who you are within your emotions you can make the choice and decisions to consider what the body will be going through and act according to what will best support the body in its processes to be able to maintain and regulate sugar control. No matter the tools, even though some have proven more 'effective' than others, without a consideration and understanding of who you are withing your body and how who you are will affect the processes, create and be equal will the processes of the body, blood sugar management will be harder than what it can be.

In this next post I will walk myself through the thoughts regarding laziness and what I am able to correct within the state of laziness in relation to diabetes. It must be considered as well that there are a lot more dimensions that laziness affects and it must be investigated be each of us how it affects our lives and the world on the whole through each of our individual collective participation in laziness


  1. Hi Paul!I don't see what do you want to achieve here,to control diabetes with laziness or the other way round?You can control it only by managing intake of carbohydrates and insulin!Drink a lots of water during the day(at least 1,5 Gallons),and avoid laziness!Go skating or for a walk instead!

    1. I've posted this to not say that one can control diabetes through laziness or not, but to understand that self-awareness within laziness can help one manage blood glucose levels easier - through considering what one will be accepting and allowing when they participate in laziness and making choices that are best for the body when/as/if one participates in laziness.

      Yes, carbohydrates and insulin are a large part in managing blood glucose levels, but these things are reliant on ourselves, to either eat in consideration of the body and the processes that it is doing when participating in specific emotions/feelings and when aware of self in a state of laziness we can accurately consider what should be injected/ate when being lazy to not cause difficulty in management of sugar levels.